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Best Flipbook Software! [Review]

The free flipbook webservice Yumpu simply delivers the very best  flipbook software that is out there!  It converts your PDF files into crisp e-paper, for free. You get the feeling of reading just an actual book. The amazing thing is that you can can publish digital content as flipbook by converting from pdf, word documents or images on the web. You just have to sign up at

best softwareAs the creation and usage of digital or online flippingbooks is increasing, many pdf flipping book programs are coming in the market.

To choose among those best flash flipbook softwares and to create e-catalogs, e-magazines and eBooks etc is not an easy thing.

Particularly when you talk about best flipbook software. ⇒

Therefore, today, to help you out I am going to review 4 top excellent flip book creators!

1.  FlipHTML5 – PDF to Flipbook Creator

fliphtml5 - flipbook software

With FlipHTML5, you can turn your PDF files into digital page flip books very quickly and also download them.

Creating realistic responsive CSS3 jQuery & HTML5 flip book from PDF is just like one piece of cake.

With the HTML5 animation editor of FlipHTML5 you can create interactive and enriched flip pdf books.

It is available for both PC and Mac. It’s worth a shot making it user friendly.

2. – Steps to use Yumpu

Yumpu – the best free PDF to  flipbook service

Its easy to create your own online magazine.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Visit and sign up for FREE!
  2. Import a PDF.
  3. Add media, create a table of contents if you would like, play with the settings (you can add audio tracks, videos, and do a lot of nice things with a click of a button).
  4. Export the file. You can now upload this to the web for anyone’s access or keep it offline on a CD, USB drive, or whatever you would like.

3. PUB HTML5 – Free Flipbook Maker


Pure HTML5-based flipbooks created by PUB HTML5 works for various devices including Windows and Mac PCs and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android tablet.

Features of the very best flipping book software developed, added and improved were based on customer feedback and requests.

This makes it the best flipbook software I’ve ever operated.⇒

It is completely free for converting PDF files into an eye-catching page turn online flipbook. 

It also integrates online cloud service that allows you to share any publication instantly.

4. 3D PageFlip Standard – Best Flipbook Software

3D PageFlip Standard program is a free converter to build attractive flash page flipping magazines and e-catalogs easily.

This versatile, free and best flip book maker provides fully functional tools which will help you design unique templates with plenty of options like colors, backgrounds, sounds, fonts, buttons, and much more.

 5. e-Page Creator


This flash flipbook software actually allows you to create “flipping books” or online, interactive PDFs that you can download.

Are you looking for the best flipbook software program that would allow you to add audio to your bilingual books?

Then e-Page creator is one the best options for you.

Yumpu: The Answer to My E-Publishing Prayers

Have you ever wondered which online flipbook software the best online publisher use?

As an editor for a student-run literary magazine at my college, I’m awarded the routine headache of devising ways to e-publish our magazine.

Now, in today’s day and age, this may not sound particularly difficult. There are plenty of platforms out there to share creative work, right? How difficult can it be to upload a few short stories?

We’re talking a magazine here though, people.

online flipbook

A full-blown, 100+ page journal of fiction and non-fiction prose, poetry in all shapes, sizes and arrangements, photography and artwork – in color!

That means everything from the sheer file size of our magazine down to its coding structure takes more than your average upload system.

And with all our editorial work done through DocHub, an online PDF editing system, we need a magazine program to handle, well, PDFs – and huge ones at that.

The problem is finding comprehensive (and affordable) PDF converters that keep the magazine intact.

That is to say, we want our journal to look like a magazine, even when its online.

It’s a publication after all, one we put countless hours into copyediting, designing and formulating a creative layout.

And while many products claim they’re the most professional magazine program out there, the fact of the matter remains not many can handle extensive PDF files, and not many deliver the kinds of features necessary for digital publishing.

Therefore, as I found out through my extensive research, most succesful online publisher use Yumpu (as seen below).


I first heard of the web page through another university’s literary magazine, of all things (hey, we’re a small community, we actually tend to look out for our own.)

Like us, they were having problems finding the most professional magazine program that could process detailed PDF files and upload them with relative ease.

Also like us, they tend to have a pretty high turnover in terms of student editors. Finding a converter that is quick to learn and stress-free to use was a top priority.

yumpu, indeed, advertises itself as one of the cleanest and best flip book maker on the market.

And after toying around with it using one of old magazine PDFs, I felt I had landed on something pretty spectacular.


The free digital publishing site opened for e-business in 2006, and since then has converted over 20 million magazines, brochures and catalogs while hosting return costumer publications on its web page.

This is crazy:

Even I recognized some of the names in routine use (hello, National Geographic,…), a pretty strong endorsement for its applicability.

How it works

The central function of the platform is to take your standard, readable print publication and convert the pdf into an online flip pdf book.

This is a tool that cannot be overstated in today’s digital world.

The experience of an online flip book maintains what your readers get with your physical product – the same page count, the same layout, the same feel of holding a magazine or catalogue in their own hands.

Any other “best” magazine software should be able to do this. Yet what made this guy stand out initially was its sheer simplicity.

The very first thing you see on its homepage is the PDF converter, an upload process where you literally drag and drop your PDF file to be uploaded.

  1.   go to homepage -> PDF converter
  2.   choose a PDF
  3.   drag and drop your PDF file into the PDF converter

My 132-page PDF took three minutes to convert.

Yes, you read that right – three minutes!

That’s less than a fourth of the time it would take with other programs.

 flipbook software bonusOther popular print-to-digital platforms, like Issuu, offer the same basic upload conversion.

In my experience, though, their times just can’t compete, and you hardly get any additional features without upgrading to a paid package.

But it gets even better:

Yumpu also offers a set of bonus features!

Bonus features

  •  It’s free. Even the most basic package provides the premium features unheard of with other products. We’re talking cloud-based hosting, SEO optimization, adjustable multimedia, metrics and more – all without a single penny down.
  • Embedding access. You can share your now-digital magazine across any platform, from Facebook and Twitter profiles to online shops, blogs, even your publication’s own homepage.
  • Supported across all devices. Desktop (Windows and Mac PCs), mobile and tablets.
  • SEO optimization. What’s always bothered me about PDF converting flipbook maker is its inability to be indexed by search engines. That means they don’t support SEO, a serious flaw in terms of modern marketing. With this site, however, your magazine registers as a digital file, allowing search engine optimization and increased search hits.
  • Customizable details. You can switch color schemes, backgrounds, add personal logos and more with a customized design toolkit.
  • Multimedia. Additional audio and video files can be incorporated into your publication, yet another professional magazine program feature only afforded online.
  • Weekly reports. You can track analytics like online readership, social media interaction and how much you’re saving in print and postage costs with weekly metric reports. Plus it also works with google analytics!

Final thoughts

What’s the bottom line?

From its comprehensive set of free digital features to an almost ridiculous user-friendliness, Yumpu looks to be your best in magazine maker.

flipbookDigital publishing only stands to grow over time, and if you’re serious about expanding your publication’s online presence, you need some e-publishing power in your pocket.

I would recommend this service to anyone. The platform just works, and it works well.

It is the best free flipbook software out there.

That’s it. See how simple it is to use Yumpu to create digital flip books.