flip book software

Advantages of flip book software

Flip book software not only being used world wide for the enhancement of your content. Yumpu is quiet time saving and brings out very good result with less efforts as Yumpu is designed to not only save your time but also to provide you a very friendly usage of putting your thoughts in a visionary look in an easy way. Use all the advantages of Yumpu!


There are a lot of benefits of using Flipbook software for the creation of flip books. Today we are going to mention few of those, as below

Easy Sharing

Reach your users on PC, Mac, iOS & Android. Embed your flip book in your website or share it on Facebook. More than 110,000 companies publish their brochures if you are using a well known flip book software.

Perfectly Responsive

Mostly flip book software automatically adapt to all devices. Thus, readers can access your content in a comfortable way, regardless of where they are.

Multimedia Integration

Integrate videos from Youtube and audio files from SoundCloud or simply upload your own video and integrate it into your Flipinbook software.

Easy Embed

Embed a Flipbook into your website using the embed wizard. Size, colors and many additional options can be adjusted at any time.

Looks and feels good

Flip software will give your PDFs a neat flip effect, beautiful design, and comfortable navigation. When your documents look professional, people engage more deeply with your content.

Your PDFs can do more

Your PDF’s range of features expands, with clear text search, thumbnails, bookmarks, and table of contents. Working with documents, even large ones, becomes much easier using a good flip book softwrae

Best flipping effect

The flipping effect has a “wow” factor that excites new readers, so they want to explore the document further. It also feels like reading a physical book, a feature that people enjoy.

Makes documents interactive

Your flip book software can add extra content—YouTube and Vimeo videos, links, and pop-up images—to make reading your PDFs more engaging and fun.

Instant access to documents of any size

Even a 2,000-page PDF will open in a couple of seconds on the web and on mobile devices. No tedious downloading, no problems finding the right place in the file. If you have a even lite version of a flipping book software

HTML 5 version, great on smartphones and tablets

Your documents will open and load in five seconds on any mobile device whether iOS or Android. tailored the HTML 5 mobile version for the screen of any size, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems because usually flip book software’s are designed keeping in mind that they should be compatible with all the devices and upto some extent work universally

Build into your website seamlessly

Embed interactive PDFs right into your website pages. People will see them immediately, and stay longer on your page. This feature drives more views, too. A nice add-on to your SEO.

Easy-to-use software

flip book software doesn’t require any help from your IT team. There are no development costs. You can create your interactive flip books yourself in four easy steps, and in under 10 minutes. As a result, you’ll get a link to your online document that is ready to be shared at once and opens on any device.

Effective content protection

Your documents are safe from uncontrolled download and sharing, and you can choose who should get access to them.a very good privacy check feature been introduced in Yumpu.com.