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Why flip software is good for your PDF documents

The flipping book is usually created in such a way that it has flipping effects. This is advantageous in the sense that it makes the online content more interactive. What is more amazing is that Yumpu can be used to convert your PDF document right away to an online flipbook. You do not have to do the re-typing of what has already been typed. Benefit from Yumpu now!

This new innovation is having a tremendous growth. The effect that it has on your PDF documents, e-catalogs, eBooks, and e-magazines is undeniably unheard of. The following are some of the effects that the flip software has on the normal PDF documents.

The documents feel and look good

Your PDFs are given a beautiful design, a neat flip effect as well as transforming them to swift navigation platforms. When you create professional looking documents, more people are attracted to them and feel encouraged to engage deeply on them. It assures them that your purpose is not just to share content, but to share it in an interactive way.

The documents achieve high interact-ability

 People have been reading the physical books from time memorial. They have developed within them the notion that deeper reading entails turning from one page to another. This makes them feel they are engaging in the whole reading process. That is the same effects that flip book software aims at achieving for the web and mobile device documents. Moreover, extra content like links, Vimeo and YouTube videos and pop-up images can be added. Thus, reading the PDF becomes not only informative but also fun.

Outstanding flipping effects are added

New readers are impacted by the “wow!” factor created by the flipping effect. That is what intrigues them to continue reading. Similarly, it makes them get the feeling when one reads the physical book.

Your PDFs have more roles than you thought

Some people think that a PDF is just for reading. But they all get it wrong. A lot can be done with the PDF such as creating bookmarks, searching for text without forgetting the table of contents and thumbnails. If the document is large, the flip software makes working with it to be easier.

Saves time accessing any-sized document

Normally, larger PDFs take a longer time to open. This demerit is overcome by making them to flip. Even documents as large as 2000 pages will still open within seconds on mobile devices and the web. Downloading the same is easier.

Embed in websites with just a click

You have a website and need to include your PDF in it? Well, make use of flip software to turn it to an interactive one. Having done that, embed on your website it with just a couple of clicks. It will be available online for a longer time and encourage more visitors. It is a great add-on apart from the SEO.

The flip-software is easy to use

You do not need the assistance of the IT team to make a flipbook. No costs regarding development are also incurred. Within 10 minutes, you will be have created flipping books on your own.

Provide effective permission requirements

Make your documents safe from being downloaded and shared uncontrollably. Decide who will access them and to what guarantee.

Most flip software support the HTML5 version

This is the latest version of the web language. It is more responsive and makes documents appear great both on large and small screens. Your documents will therefore appear the same across all devices. Yumpu supports this version. Get a free account at Yumpu.com!