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Few of the Top Flipbook software

One can opt to use a flipbook to make content representation. This is a great way of making online publication while maintaining a great look and feel. There is a number of flipbook software that a publisher can use to meet the objective. After my search i found out that Yumpu is one of the best. Create a free acoount and start immediately to upload your PDF`s to Yumpu!

Few of the Top Flipbook Software

The arrangement here does not represent any ranking. Carefully have a look at the pros and cons and make your independent choice.

Yumpu – Flipbook Software

This flip software lets you to enjoy the benefits of a PDF to flipbook converter. PDF conversion and sharing is enabled but there are challenges when it comes to addition of extras. Some of the benefits are

  • You are not limited on the number of pages. This benefit is extended up to the free version.
  • The bookshelf also has a great appearance and can be customized to meet your needs
  • The free PDF to flipbook converter is available for free the entire time you will be using the software.

The main disadvantage here is that the whole project cannot be saved at once. Each element is saved separately. Also, the turning pages are not simulated considering they just turn in an alternate manner.


Are you in need of flip book software that is fast and easy? You may want to have a look at this. Its elegant interface is user-friendly and gives you no difficulty in creating your publication.

Some of its best selling features include the fact that you can get a free version which has more features than most basic software available. You also have the option of deciding whether to make a PDF file upload or start a new project from the very beginning. Templates and images have also been pre-created for you so that you don’t have to search for them in the internet.

On the other hand, the 15-page limit may be a discouragement to most users. The free version also locks out some features that you may find helpful.

FlippingBook software

The name is deceptive in the sense that you not only create the books, but the catalogues as well. The documents turn out to be incredibly looking while the photo albums are top notch. All these can be attributed to a collection of templates that are associated with each project.

The publishers who like this flipping book software cite the following as the attraction factors:

Turning the pages is beautiful and realistic, maintain an astonishing visual representation. Besides this, customization can be done to meet the needs of individual users. Also, when beginning a new project from scratch, you get to decide what type you want to go with. Basing on the choice that you have made, suggested templates pre-created for you are at your disposal.

However, the trial version has a limited number of page turning. This has been kept to a maximum of 10. The publishing options available are also less. Only FTP, Flipbook Cloud and HTML can be used.

iSpring Suite

Numerous interactions like FAQ, timeline and flipbooks can be produced in iSpring Suite. Making a 3D book that is engaging has been made easy in this tool. The same applies to addition of images, custom texts and characters.

The advantages of iSpring Suites include that

  • You do not need a special training to use it
  • It is possible to carry out customization of the 3D design book so that it has a feel of your liking
  • The mobile friendly HTML5 is supported by the tool

On the other hand, it is not possible to see the PDF file as it is being uploaded. Also, the trial version only goes for up to 30 days.

My personal “winner” and absolut favorit is Yumpu. They come with an attractive overall package with many amazing features for free. Start today to costumize your flipbook to your needs at Yumpu.com!