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Top 10 Inspiring Online Flipbook softwares

Having included amazing characters and beautiful shapes, the following online flipbook will for sure drive your imagination to the top. Flipbooks have always been a great source of entertainment and information for most people. Yumpu comes up with beautiful designs that leave the audience awed. If you want to express yourselfe in an amazing way you have to try!

Online Flipbook Software

Today we are going to show you the top 10, pick your favorite.

  1. Berlin

This masterpiece is the creativity that arose from a trip by a university student Tommaso Lavagnoli. The Italian graphic designer was on his way to a Berlin trip and chose to put all that down. What is contained in it? Well, you get to see his seven favorite sites.

  1. Spilling water

Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel worked on a kinetic art project. The result of the project was later on documented in a series of mechanical flipbooks. Muybridge Eadweard took the project photos in 1830 – 1904. You can get it from the official website.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sometimes you get perplexed by the achievement that some rough drawings can bring you. This amazing flipbook that was designed by Bloody Renegadex puts Sonic the Hedgehog on an adventurous journey. It is available on his YouTube Channel.

  1. Squeeze Me

We all love online flipbook software that have invention at their heart. This creative piece of work features the track Squeeze Me by Kraak and Smaak. The song’s story are cleverly depicted in the book.

  1. The Submarine VS Bayonet online flipbooks

Artist Ben Zurawski, better known as The Flippist got the inspiration to put this work together after listening to Obama’s talk regarding submarines and bayonets at a presidential report with Romney. This 30 seconds animation shows the candidates participating in a battleship game. He also has a number of other top flipbooks that can be found on his YouTube Channel.

  1. Biking Photography

Ever had difficulties trying to prove your skills to your prospective employers? Well, what if you borrowed this simple trick by James Webber. He wanted to be employed by a top notch sports magazine or company and so came up with a plan of landing the job. The graphic designer created a cool biking online flipbook that he sent as bait for getting a job. Single stills were together pulled in such a way that they depicted numerous bike stunts.

  1. Commando Group

For those working on logos, there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn from that. Have a look at this art that shows how the Commando Group finally decided on how to use their logo. A French intern of the Company, Lamy Charlotte, is responsible for the final product. It is simple but a brilliant way to explain how the final logo was settled upon.

  1. The Hole punch

Creating  amazing online flipbook cannot just be achieved by a great pencil or pen, Scott Blake uses the hole punch in creating detailed pattern. Yet it is short but you will find yourself re-watching numerous times so as to figure out how he manages to do it.

  1. A short history of almost everything

Artist James Francis Bell comes up with a compilation flipbook that is quite inspiring. The history of pretty much everything is told in less than minute’s time. With that kind of creativity, it is not a surprise that it has recorded more than 3.5 million YouTube views.

  1. LG Viewty

The inspiration of this great piece of work was drawn from a Matrix. The project was as a result of an LG Viewty mobile commercial. One can only imagin how long it took to generate an innovative piece that would later on be viewed by over 4 million YouTube users.