Instant Flipbook – 5 Amazing Benefits [Flipbook Review]

flipbook software comparison I used Instant Flipbook for many years, but a couple of months ago I thought it’s time for a change. I stumbled across Yumpu, which is, like Instant Flipbook, a digital publishing platform. So I was really exited when I found this free pdf flash flipbook web-service in comparison to all the others.

One great thing about this service is its very fast loading, and it provides many features.  Check out the guide below to find out just why I’m so enthusiastic about the benefits! But first I will give you a quick review of Instant Flipbook.


Instant Flipbook Review

Have you ever been interested in creating a novel, short story, children’s book, travel guide or even a magazine?

If the answer is yes, then you probably have heard of Instant Flipbook.

instant flipbook

Instant Flipbook Website

But what is an Instant Flipbook?

The purpose of Instant Flipbook is to convert PDF files to something more exciting which looks similar to what you may have seen before on e-book readers, tablets or smartphones. It is a free instant pdf to flipbook creator.

Instant Flipbook does everything for you and produces a crisp result.

You might be wondering who is behind Instant Flipbook?

The answer is that Instant Flipbook is a company who understands publishing needs and how customers download content.

If you’ve worked with other PDF creators in the market, you will already be aware that the product tends to be dull and uninspiring.

Creating long pages which involve scrolling through laboriously.

Especially in comparison to an online magazine or e-book where you just flip the pages, this type of long-winded text can seem incredibly annoying.

A flip book can completely transform the reader’s experience, bringing the text to life and allowing them to jump seamlessly from one page to the next.

Even if you’re not familiar with publishing technology, Instant Flipbook allows you to recreate professional and appealing content with just a few clicks.

I discovered this for myself.

Making the switch has been a lifesaver for my business.

Taking the pain out of trying to upload products and compile catalogs which are easy to read.

Since using this product, I’ve now got so much more free hours in the day which would have previously been gobbled up by time-consuming uploads.

Who needs the Instant Flipbook?

Working with PDF files is simple, but they don’t produce the desired result, and won’t hold the attention of the reader.

Instant Flipbook can transform the appearance, presenting the information in fun and more exciting way.

Business managers may be more accustomed to working with PDFs but switching to Instant Flipbook will provide many more benefits.

There are lots of innovative uses that could revolutionize the appearance of your literature.

For example, you could upload your latest catalog with details of services and products. And then either add it to your website / home page or email it to your mailing list.

Guaranteed to instantly grab the attention, an instant online flipbook which is free will be far more appealing to both existing and new customers.

When used for business, you might find that you have other questions too such as “How to track clicks within my flipbook with Google Analytics?”

You can quickly achieve this by creating links, using the Google Analytics URL builder.

Within Google Analytics you can track and follow the clicks.

Other questions might include “How do I put the flipbook on my website?”

There’s never been an easier outcome as all the flipbook files you need will be included in one zip folder which you’ll receive on the purchase.

All you have to do is extract and upload, using the accompanying PDF step by step guide if necessary.

This also answers the question of “What files are supplied when I purchase the flipbook?”

You’ll receive the full package which contains javascript, HTML and image files, all ready to upload.

It’s not just business managers who can take advantage of the many different applications within Instant Flipbook.

Writers and authors will also find the features ideally suited to their needs.

Whether you write for a hobby or professionally, it’s crucial for your completed work to look polished and legit. can achieve this for you, as Instant Flipbook is legit.

Instant Flipbook Pricing

When it comes to the Instant Flipbook Pricing, you have various options.

Depending on how you plan on using it, there are different Instant Flipbook products and plans. You can also find Instant Flipbook coupon for the different plans.

Starting with the standard package of and increasing through the bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

There’s also a free trial available without the need for an Instant Flipbook coupon.

This way you can try before you decide to buy.

Full compatibility across all devices makes it the most flexible choice for all users.

5 Amazing Instant Flipbook Benefits

  • Easy to use
    Creating an interactive online flipbook free involves just a single click on an upload button for the PDF. Since this flash flipbook maker is automated, you can just convert your PDF to a digital html5 flipbook. You then can easily upload the flipbook on your web page. This whole process has been made automatic for your convenience.
  • One time payment
    One is required to make only a single payment after which they become independent of the flipbook creator software. You will not have to lament about hidden charges that keep on recurring. Similarly, you do not need a contract or a subscription on a monthly basis. When you have made a purchase, all the files are given to you after which the hosting is dependent on your preferred domain.
  • Right to resell
    This advantage goes mainly to those working in marketing and media sector. There are no branded files of this product. This gives you the ability to sell them again to clients. It will be impossible for your customers to trace the designer of the flipbook. Since the flash flipbooks are well priced, you will get tremendous profits when you resell to the clients.
  •  It is time-saving and allows to customize your flipbooks
    If you wanted to create a flash flip book the manual way, an extended period of development and conversion of PDF to the appropriate files would be needed. Instant needs only some few minutes, and you have a perfectly transformed PDF to flipbook adobe. You do not require raining and installation of the flip software. This saves you from the trouble of including services that you may never want. Therefore, you get to concentrate on the essential aspects, like to customize your flipbooks.
  • Cuts across all digital publishing platform  (works on all devices)
    This flipbook creator is usable on any given device that runs on different operating systems. This is to say that your publication will be visible on tablets, Android phones, iPhones and desktops (Mac or Windows PCs). The limitation of screen size is not existent here.

There’s an almost endless list of features included.

Such as the ability to customise it, SEO friendly, full video integration, and the possibility to search the text and add links.

For the times when you want a closer look, you can zoom right it, and you can even browse through Instant Flipbook while offline.

Integration with social media platforms such as Facebook is an essential as are videos. You’ll find those too, together with the facility to download flipbook files & print off individual pages if needed.

To summarise, this converter will be helpful for anyone who needs a digital publishing platform.

Easy to use, it’s simple to create documents within a matter of minutes.

But what is a pdf flip book, exactly?

A flip book is a way to get content to your readers that looks like a book

There’s something comfortable and familiar about reading a book, flipping one page and then the next as you go through.

Recreating this experience in digital format makes the content far more engaging, and keeps the reader interested.

pdf flipbook on laptop

PDF Flipbook with page flip effect

Whether you’re using a tablet, laptop or mobile phone, having the impression of turning 3D pages can be a huge benefit.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to create an HTML5 flip book for themselves.

You could hire graphic designers to complete this task, but this can be timely and expensive too, diverting funds from your business.

An alternative is to try out a PDF to flipbook maker for yourself….and it might be a surprise for you how easy it is.

How do I create my own flipbook?

To create your own 3D flipbook, you’ll need to upload your PDF files into the converter and convert pdf to flipbook within 2 minutes.

how to upload pdf to flipbook converter

How to Upload a PDF to the Flipbook Converter

Then just allow the program to do the hard work for you with the uploaded files.

Once you’ve chosen the style and format, you can just sit back and wait to see the finished result!

 Here’s how, step-by-step:

  1. To convert your PDF files to flipbook – go to the flipbook converter
  2. Drag and drop your PDF files and you have a flipbook within minutes
  3. Register (login or sign up for a new free account)
  4. Edit your page flip magazine / make any changes that you wish
  5. Share your pdf files flipbook on your website or any social media site (Facebook, Twitter,…)

You might have other questions such as what are the optimal PDF settings for best output?

You can easily find this information on the website, along with other technical details (if you’re wondering, the answer is 72-150 DPI images).

3D flipbook creators offer a flexible solution that you can use for all types of content, from writing short stories to catalogs and digital magazines.

The ease of using these kinds of converters means you can create a recognizable brand with visual appeal, giving you complete control over the appearance.

Insights into the flipbook creation process

An Instant Flipbook is a very modern piece of technology. But have you ever asked yourself, “Since when does Instant Flipbook exist?”.

You might be surprised to discover that the first flipbook was created in 1968 by John Barnes Linnett.

flip book

Flip Book

Science has moved on in leaps and bounds ever since and the modern creation bears little or no resemblance to the original.

Another question that you may be pondering could be: What is the maximum file size I can upload?

You should have no concerns over size as there’s an allowance of 100 MB that you can upload which in theory should be plenty.

The optimization of larger files for print quality is unnecessary for online viewing and simply makes them unwieldy to upload or manage.

And management generally is very easy, particularly when you know a few simple commands.

So you might also wonder: How can I link to a specific page within the flipbook?

Adding ?page=5 to the end of the URL will take you to a particular page anywhere in the document.

It’s as easy as that.

If you have concerns over performance such as “My flipbook is loading very slow, what can I do about it?” there’s no need to worry.

This may sound like a serious issue, but it’s usually only due to the quality settings.

Lowering your resolution will typically solve this problem.

Yumpu – the best free flipbook creator

You’re probably itching to start now, but a word of caution before you dive right in: not all 3D flipbook makers are created equally.

I had to search all over the internet to find one that ticked all of the boxes, delivering flawless designs with flexible solutions and converts in an instant online flipbook free.

So, the best part of this Instant Flipbook alternative is that it’s free!

Where can you find this publishing software?

Take a look at the best PDF to flip book converter on the market.

The Best Free PDF Flipbook Creator!

There’s far more to this software than simply being easy to work with; there are lots of factors which set this software apart from the rest of the field including the following features:


You can’t beat free.

The most basic subscription level of the best flipbook software is provided to customers for free.

This includes unlimited numbers of magazines or flash flipbooks and unlimited pages allowed for each book.

Of course, you may need some extra services like Google Analytics, or ad-free content.

Therefore you could create an AdFree plan, WebKiosk plan, AppKiosk plan, or ProKiosk plan. The first two plans also allow you to have a 30 day free trial version.

You can purchase all paid plans on a monthly subscription basis, perfect for business users.

Alternatively, you can pay an annual subscription to get a full 12 months of service.

If you’re not sure whether you need the full subscription features, you can try it for free for 30 days when you first join.

Environmentally Friendly

Going digital with your publication is a great way to help your business and save the planet too.

Printing magazine after magazine for your clients or employees can use a lot of paper, as well as creating a lot of waste too.

Opting for a digital publication eliminates the need to leave paper lying around, creating a mess as well as using up valuable environmental resources.

Your customers will appreciate the use of modern technology, and you’ll also be sure to impress with your green credentials too.

Google Analytics

You can add Analytics to your pblication.

How to use Google Analytics for my online flipbook?

  1. Go to “My Magazines”
  2. Click on “Edit Magazine”
  3. Insert your Tracking Code
flip book google analytics

Insert Tracking Code

You could pour hours of work into creating what you think your customers want.

But how do you know if you’re hitting the target?

Being seen by as many potential customers is the goal, but it helps to know if you’re on the right track.

Google Analytics is invaluable for providing insights into your online content. Helping you to leap up the rankings in the shortest possible time.

Often viewed as a critical tool for business, Google Analytics provides instant results, helping you to reach your target market and deliver content that really works.

You can find out all the critical data you need, pulling out the information without any extra work.

Social media

In the modern world, it’s almost impossible to make a real impact without harnessing the power of social media.

If you’re advertising, social media can offer tremendous benefits when incorporated into your strategy.

The company understands the importance of having a social media presence and allows publications and content to be linked with social media accounts. You can also use the embed code and insert this code into your social status – and your publication is shared on your social media site.

flipbook social media integration

Social Media

This is one key advantage; many other programs only work with one type of social media platform while this flip book software is compatible with them all, ensuring maximum coverage.

Social media allows businesses to connect with customers on a much closer level, creating a more intimate relationship and enhancing brand loyalty.

Using this software can help you to achieve this without spending hours having to duplicate your work.

Customer Support

Compared to this flip book creator is very easy to use.

But if you ever need a bit of help, there is a team of highly skilled customer support technicians.

Experienced and knowledgeable, the customer service team can help subscribers with just about any issue they may be having.

This feature sets them apart from other free flip book service providers. Others just don’t offer this level of support to their customers.

help and support

How to Get Help & Support

You might find some problems appear to be tricky but are very quickly rectified, such as “flipbook creator class not registered.”

You can resolve this issue easily by making some changes to the installation of your Flash player.

Even though you might never need any help because the software is so easy to use right from the start.

However, it’s reassuring to know that the customer service team are ready and waiting should you ever need a hand.


Phones and tablets are the modern way to surf the net, making it easy to get online wherever you are.

Unfortunately, many online PDF converters and 3D flipbook software makers aren’t fully compatible with these kinds of devices, which makes your content cumbersome and difficult to read for many users.

This isn’t the case with this Instant Flipbook alternative.

You can design a flipbook that will work with Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets.

No matter what your customer uses, they’ll have the best experience.

You can even get help with developing a mobile flipbook app for your digital publication, the ultimate in modern tech.

It has the best code to just about anything related to a mobile device when it comes to PDF to flip book makers.

These are just a few of the great features this software offers.

I would recommend an online 3D flip book maker to anyone that is looking for a fresh way to publish their content online.

Perfect Publishing Just a Click Away

If you’re looking for a hidden catch, you’ll be waiting a long time because this really is just as simple as it seems.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of perfect publishing, and the ability to create 3D flipbooks without spending hours wading through tricky technology.

You can fully customize the appearance with different logos, backgrounds, and colors and completely integrate it across all of your social media platforms, creating the maximum reach.

You can also embed it into online shops or web sites using the embed code, and it is compatible with video and audio content too.

Using this software creates an interactive experience for the customer, and can be optimized for SEO purposes too.

If you choose to use the free version, it’s free for life, no quibbles.
However, the paid version has many more features which could give your business a surprising boost.

You might have questions such as: Is it possible to link email addresses in the flipbook?

However, once you’ve registered, you’ll quickly see that you get absolutely everything you need in one easy-to-follow package.

It is the ultimate all-in-one publishing cockpit, producing ready to print designs using freeware which is fully downloadable.

If you want to see just how easy it is, search YouTube and you’ll see the software in action.

Don’t Wait- Start now!

A flipbook can offer you a fresh look without the burden of hiring a graphic designer or wasting time trying how to learn to do it on your own.

Easy to read and fully customisable, your information will be much more visible to your customers.

The pricing makes even the subscription service very affordable, while the free standard version also provides excellent results.

Unlike any other product on the market, you can created easily professional and slick digital content, whatever your budget.

The first 30 days are ad-free so be sure to give it a try if you are looking for a great tool to convert your PDF into an interactive flash flipbook.

Click here to visit the must-have Instant Flipbook alternative now!